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why i’m for women giving up their rights

women rights

It looked harmless enough.

My teenage daughter, Molly, had asked me to buy a magazine.

The cover mostly featured promises of amazing makeup tips and trendy hairstyles.

But buried in in its pages was an article downplaying the dangers of pot. Another gave advice about how girls could handle themselves sexually if a boy was more experienced than they are.

The answer was, “No.”

“I just want it for the fashion, Mom! I didn’t even see those articles.”

I believed her.

But what I don’t trust is a world that makes sin and compromise look so harmless and appealing. That highlights all the short-term benefits and pleasures, but conveniently leaves out all the dangerous pitfalls and  high long-term costs.

A world that doesn’t have women’s best interests at heart, only their financial interest and agenda.

During this discussion, my daughter said this: “Sometimes it seems like you are always against everything, Mom. What are you FOR?”

That question has stuck with me. She’s right. There’s so much vile stuff in our culture, so much garbage being thrown at our girls, that yes, I’m sure it does seem like I’m pretty much against everything.

Without apologies.

Molly is almost 18. Looking back, I wish I’d been more memorable in communicating some other things that I am very much for when it comes to young women, and women in general. I still have time. And so do you. Here are a few:

Embracing our Unique Design

God made men and women are different. I always thought that was obvious, but not long ago, Time magazine made it their cover story, as if it was some kind of major epiphany. Yes, we are different, but equal in God’s sight.

Women bring things to the table that no man ever could — a sensitivity, a unique depth of insight, an ability to see situations and details from a perspective that only we can.

We each have areas of strength and weaknesses. We complement each other, by His Divine design.

And, yet, our culture tells us that our femininity is a liability or weakness — instead of a powerful and unique characteristic given to us by our Creator. That we have to be like men in order to be equal and respected.

It’s a lie.

Personally, I don’t want to be like a man. I love being a woman and want to embrace all the unique gifts and characteristics God entrusted to our gender alone.

Making Choices that Give Life

Everywhere you look, the message is out there: “Freedom is being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want! It’s your body. It’s your life. Nobody should have the right to tell you how to live, including God!”

But here’s the truth of the matter and it’s certainly not a popular one:

True freedom can only be found in Christ.

He created us and so it stands to reason that His blueprint for how we’re to live is the one we should follow. Not to restrict us, but to give us life!

His guidelines are set out of pure love — to protect us, to give us joy and peace. Doing “whatever we want” only makes us slaves to those things we think will bring freedom — our desires, if not guided and refined by the Holy Spirit, can drive us to some dark places. That’s not what true freedom looks like. 

Right now, there’s a great anti-smoking commercial that illustrates this principle beautifully:

True freedom? I’ll all FOR it!

Maintaining our Respect and Dignity

If we can’t be convinced to “bury” our femininity, we’re encouraged to exchange it for an exhibitionist sexuality.

This doesn’t empower women. It cheapens us.

What women think is communicating, “I’m powerful. I can do anything I want. I can get you to do anything I want.” actually screams, “Here I am. I’m not requiring anything of you. You can have all of me. Everything you see here is where my value lies.”

Anything of great value should not be acquired easily.

Every woman who God created is of great value. Women are so much more than the external package.

I’m FOR women recognizing their value — as a unique creation of God. I’m FOR women finding a man who will respect their boundaries, earn their respect and prove himself worthy of their time and affection.

I want my daughter — and all women — to embrace so much more than short-term solutions and satisfaction. Our desire for instant gratification, often ultimately leads to long-term damage, scars and regret.

So, yes, I’m for women giving up their rights —  their “right” to make choices that promise life and freedom, but only bring enslavement and death. Their “right” to do whatever they please with their bodies. Their “right” to strip themselves of their God-given feminine uniqueness.

I’m not naive. I’ve tried to educate my kids about the realities of this world. But I’m not endorsing those realities, either.

Because I know the truth: When we surrender our “rights” to a loving Creator, we receive much more in return that anything we think we’re giving up.

And, daughter, I’m all FOR that.

Melinda Means

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our spiritual growth plants seeds in our children

spiritual growthby Lisa Pulliam, Regular MOMtor Contributor

If you asked me 20 years ago what my thoughts were on “spiritual formation,” I would have said “Huh? What do you mean?” At the time I wasn’t a Christ-follower nor in tune with the concept that spiritual growth is a process — one that is cultivated over time and pursued on purpose.

Looking back, of course, I can see that I was in desperate need of spiritual formation, not only for myself but so that I could set a Biblical foundation for my children. It wasn’t until our first child was born that I began to realize that I not only needed a plan for how to invest in my relationship with God and grow in my faith, but that my own growth, or lack there of, would deeply affect my children.

How could I teach them to pray, if I didn’t feel comfortable doing so on my own?

How could I guide them in truth, if I wasn’t sure what the difference was between truth and tradition?

How could I express the beauty of grace, if I hadn’t embraced it myself?

spiritual growth

I was a babe in the faith while raising my own babes, and felt unqualified to be a spiritual influence on my children. Yet there was this conviction within me, pushing me to learn how to grow spiritually so that I could parent from the overflow of God’s grace and truth.

The Lord used my search for wisdom on parenting to propel my spiritual formation at an accelerated pace. Within the pages of Ted Tripp’s book, “Shepherding a Child’s Heart,” which could have been subtitled, “Cultivating a Momma’s Spiritual Formation,” I discovered how to look at life with a type of spiritual eye-sight. It wasn’t only about training their hearts as a mom— it was about living for the Lord and overflowing that onto my children.

Building upon the foundation established by Tripp’s wisdom, the next growth step in my spiritual formation was in responding to the challenge given by a friend to spend time with the Lord daily and dig into Scripture for both heart and head knowledge.

The habit of a quiet time combined with going to a weekly Bible study at church (and doing the homework), enabled me to mature in my faith at a fast enough pace to stay inches ahead of my children. With each small investment of time, however, God has multiplied a trillion times my personal spiritual growth, equipping me for the situations and seasons in which I needed to guide my ever-growing children in their own spiritual formation.

The thing about spiritual formation is that is not about how much we know or how quickly we learn. It’s about opening our hearts to the Lord and giving Him our attention, so that He can teach us what we need to know and then reveal to us the ways He is calling us to grow in His timing and for His purpose.

God is the One who forms our faith and develops within us a mind bent towards truth. He is the One that equips us with knowledge and wisdom to pour into our children, using us as a conduit of their spiritual formation.

So no matter where you are in your spiritual journey . . . no matter how immature you may feel . . . or no matter how tempted you may be to be puffed up with pride over how far you’ve come . . . today is the day to give to God your spiritual growth and the impact it has on the next generation.

This is the moment to say, “Thank you God for growing my faith, for filling me with your Spirit, and for revealing to me the Truth by which you want me to live. Lord grow me more. Fill me more. Show me more. That I may be a key influence in the spiritual formation of my children.”

Will you begin the next step in your spiritual formation journey by giving God 15 minutes of your time today? If you don’t know how to spend time alone with God, may I encourage you to consider using the ever-so-simple Overflow Bible Study Method?

It will guide you in grace and invite you to dig into God’s truth so that you can pour out what you learn on your children.

Elisa PulliamElisa is a trained biblical life coach, mentor, and speaker passionate about equipping women to experience authentic life change for the sake impacting the next generation. She is the founder of More to Be (moretobe.com) and author of Impact My Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified. Elisa considers her first calling as wife to Stephen and mother to her house-full of children.

Connect with Elisa at http://elisapulliam.com.