FREE Fruit of the Spirit Printable

We all know that fruit is good for us.

The kind we buy spoils. But the fruit of God’s Word that grows within us is lasting and multiplies.

We don’t know about you, but love, peace, patience and all the rest of the Fruits of the Spirit don’t come to us naturally. We need to draw on the power of God’s Word continually.

This Fruit of the Spirit Printable can be laminated and cut into index cards to put on your mirror. You could add a tassle and use one as a bookmark. Or, you could use them as gift tags and pass them along to inspire someone else.

Don’t miss our on our “A Prayer for My Children” Printable!

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  1. Marie Lucas says

    I would love to use these for a going away reception. I would SO appreciate the fruit of the spirit ones if you would send to me.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Hi i was wondering if yoh could send me fruit of the spirit printable. It would be a great gift for my daughter! Love your blog by the way……great source for Christian moms…..just happened upon on pinterest. Thank you!

  3. says

    Please send me the Fruit of the Spirit printable. I need it to
    show my bible study group what kind of (Jericho) warrior for Christ I
    envision myself to be. Thank you. Your’s is the best printable (read
    “I don’t have to color it in!” Susan

  4. judy roberts says

    Hi. My name is Judy and i am starting a bible study with other mums on the Fruits of the Spirit. As offered, can you please e-mail me the FREE Fruit of the Spirit Printable? Thanks so much. That would be such a blessing. Love judy


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